B/W Beauty or Colourful Angel?


Whenever facing the choice between these two styles, we feel like its a challenge for ourselves, to either choose to become a classic lady or a modern colourful angel. (But truth is, we love both!)

We must admit that black and white is such a classic combination, that really can not go wrong. Well, not that easily anyway. We pair this Alaia’s white trousers with Jacquemus oversized wrap top, to give the overall look some volume and structure. Also, using a belt here can help massively with the proportion. It is an elegant and modern look, perfect for working ladies who like to express their fashion ideas, or even for a bow tie event!

The colourful look is characteristic and fun, originally we didn’t think that bright pink, red & black and green with floral prints will go with each other, but we are very pleased with the result! This colour palette gives a nice spring touch, fresh and raw, a little bit like the seeds in soil, ready to pop out and explore the world anytime. 

Which look will you choose? 

Dior Bag
Celine Shirt & Skirt
Balenciaga Bootie / Delvaux Bag