Brand Of The Month: Celine & Balenciaga


Celine, a brand re-define feminism and minimalism, offering women a wardrobe filled with functional tailoring clothes. 

Balenciaga, famous for playing with fabrics and creating new silhouette, the brand has now adding street vibe into its creation. Garments with logo or monogram design, caps with simply just a logo.

Both of these two old fashion houses have successfully bringing desire to the young generation, being current and meanwhile maintain the houses’ style & essence. 

Celine Dress & Flats
Celine Coat
Alexaner Wang Boots
Balenciaga Jumper & Loewe Jeans
Balenciaga Hoodie & Cap
Balenciaga Denim Jacket
LV Clutch & Loewe Shoes
Celine Bag & CDG Jacket