Denim Picks


Denim pieces are doing extremely well this season, and we feel obliged to share all our interesting founds! The folded bottom of this Loewe jeans, with the contrast of colour and fabric, it is truly an interesting design. Wearing with this soft pink suede heels from Jacquemus, the playful design from both brands compliment each other well!

And we have this super popular Balenciaga denim jacket. Before it’s been launched, people are already fighting for it and trying to get a hold of it. We put it with a Valentino silk pants, in order to break the casualness of the look, and creates a softness to this look. 

Chanel’s denim jacket is as usual, very Chanel. The tweed trim around the sleeve cuff and around the edges of pockets brings an elegance breeze to denim, with the colourful Gabrielle Coco logo at the back, it is chic and cheerful.