Statement T-shirt


There has been a trend for Logo T-shirt for such a while, and what is in now is the “Statement” T-shirt. The statement T-shirt is not something that is loud and dramatic, it is actually a short statement or a slogan on T-shirt. If you are on social media recently, you might see the Dior “We should all be feminists” T-shirt, and another T-shirt from Dior says “DIO(R)EVOLUTION”. They are both powerful statement from the brand, and has gone virus among fashionista.

Victoria Beckham has also released a slogan T-shirt lately, but with a much more humorous approach, having “Fashion Stole My Smile” printed on the T-shirt. And of course no one else wears the T-shirt better than herself.  

We are also in love with Moschino’s T-shirt, which speaks many people’s mind: “Couture Is An Attitude” and having “It’s Not A Price Point” on the back. It is the kind of slogan that brings a smile for people who sees it.

Some brands like to spread love and joey to the fashion world, such as Givenchy and Parabal Gurung. Their iconic design including “I Feel Love” & “Love Is Love” definitely bring some warmness to fashion world.

Statement T-shirt is not only the IT item at the moment, it also gives us a chance to speak or show what we have in mind, even when we are too shy to say it out loud.

Parbal Gurung
What is your statement?