Why Chanel Gabrielle Bag Soon Becomes IT Bag?


Gabrielle Bag has been spotted everywhere, either carried by celebrities or some Instagram stars, fashionista around the world seem to love it so much! What is the charm of Gabrielle?

First of all, the bag is named after Coco Chanel’s real name, Gabrielle. The design is square shape, and quiet structure towards the bottom, so it won’t get flappy after time. Also the chain is a unique combination of gold and silver, we no longer need to struggle to make decision between a silver chain or a gold chain. Gabrielle bag is not only functional and also perfect to style with different looks.

There are so many ways to wear Gabrielle bag, Chanel official has released 7 ways to carry it, but of course the fashionista will come up with some more new ideas! Let’s have a look which is your favoriate way to wear this dream bag! ( and yes, Gabrielle is a unisex bag, how cool!)

1. Grab it

2. Double shoulder strap, one on each side

3. Carry on shoulder (double chain)

4. Carry on shoulder (single chain)

5. Wear it as necklace

6. Double strap backpack

7. Multi bags

8. Belt bag

9. Cross-body clutch

10. Cross-body (double chain)

11. Cross-body (single chain)

12. Carry as clutch

Grab it
Grab it
Double shoulder strap
Double shoulder strap
Double shoulder strap
Carry on shoulder (double chain)
Carry on shoulder (double chain)
Carry on shoulder (single chain)
Wear it as necklace
Double strap backpack
Multi bags
Belt bag
Belt bag
Cross-body clutch
We Love Gabrielle
Cross-body (double chain)
Cross-body (double chain)
Cross-body (single chain)

Image Source From: Chanel, Gettyimage, instagram, Elle, Weibo